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Review “We Shall Remain” Native American documentary

I’m watching this 5 part series on PBS called We Shall Remain. It’s a documentary about the Native American experience in America.  It’s very good and unfortunately quite depressing.  Wow! America is just a country of conquerors. It’s amazing after watching this documentary about how the original pilgrims passive aggressively and then aggressively took the Native’s land after the tribes helped the pilgrims get established. What I found really amazing was how this culture of oppression, taking land and then attacking and destroying a culture continues to this day. It’s just in the form of corporations doing the oppressing with the cooperation of many individuals and small businesses who will benefit from the oppression. Now with Trump in office it can continue full force (did it ever really stop?) via deregulation and the pipelines being forced though and a million cuts of racist and hateful acts committed every day.

We we’re always taught this myth that America is for everyone and it’s the land of the free and everyone should pursue the American dream  by working hard etc. But when you look at what is really happening and who is really benefiting it’s very clear that it’s more the land where some people can take and oppress as freely as they want. I think that’s the free they were talking about. And the dream also is not for everyone just a select few.


This whole Trump thing is really opening my eyes that the whole ethos of this country is a scam. A giant pyramid scheme to benefit a few at the top. Always has been, is and probably will be. Unless we really fight hard to change it. Racism, hatred, violence oppression, cultural annihilation are it seems part of the DNA that is America. I hate to be so dark about it but the truth is the truth. It’s like waking up one day and realizing your family got their wealth because they were a bunch of gangsters and thugs.

It’s really hard to watch this documentary but I really want to get a sense of where this all started. We can’t fix it unless we get to the bottom of what happened, why and how. Another thing I noticed and have noticed was how America loves to destroy cultures and then celebrate them. I did not realize that so many of the eastern states like Massachusetts were named after tribes that have been fully assimilated like the borg from Star trek (resistance is futile), destroyed or put on reservations. I can imagine a conqueror saying something hideous like “Yeah you know what, we’re gonna kill your whole family then you know what we’re gonna take all your land and you know what hundreds of years from now our children will be prosperous and your kids – well they’ll either be dead, sick or locked up on some scrap of land far far from here. Bruhahahahaha!”

This country owes, reparations and a big time apology to a lot of groups but especially the Native Americans. And the idea that some people are still killin’ Indians (Seattle policeman shoot native american who as carving and walking) and trying to oppress them (DAPL) is just amazing to me. This country is a dysfunctional family that has to have a serious reckoning with itself and I guess and hope that now that Trump is in office we will.

You can watch it full on youtube here: