A simple test to check if your dishes are lead free

colorful-dishesI just read a way to test whether your mugs have lead:

“Microwave test for mugs: Put an empty mug in the microwave, also put in a measuring cup full of water. Run the microwave on full
power for 1 minute. When you take the mug out it should not be hot. It should feel normal. If it is hot, then it has either lead in the
glaze or moisture in the ceramic, which means fine cracks in the glaze. (either are no good). I did this and some of my older mugs
were scorching hot, the newer corelle were cold.”
From http://onibasu.com/archives/am/174030.html

Check out the environmental movie ‘A Fierce Green Fire’

A FIERCE GREEN FIRE: The Battle for a Living Planet is the first big-picture exploration of the environmental movement – grassroots and global activism spanning fifty years from conservation to climate change. Directed and written by Mark Kitchell, Academy Award-nominated director of Berkeley in the Sixties, and narrated by Robert Redford, Ashley Judd, Van Jones, Isabel Allende and Meryl Streep, the film premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2012, has won acclaim at festivals around the world, and in 2013 begins theatrical release as well as educational distribution and use by environmental groups and grassroots activists.

Inspired by the book of the same name by Philip Shabecoff and informed by advisors like Edward O. Wilson, A FIERCE GREEN FIRE chronicles the largest movement of the 20th century and one of the keys to the 21st. It brings together all the major parts of environmentalism and connects them. It focuses on activism, people fighting to save their homes, their lives, the future – and succeeding against all odds.



Source:  A Fierce Green Fire

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